Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Ratatouille" Wrap Party

Alex took these pictures so you can blame him for the fact that we look like ghosts.

Rani and Me
Rani and Me. I bought my suit that day.

Rani, Alex and Me

Brad Bird
When I'm in the presence of superstar people I go white with fear.

Rani and Me
Me and Rani hang out with JL. We are awesome.

I will post more about the film soon. In short, it was AMAZING.


I had my first real experience of AM this evening (apart from reading the newsletter) when I joined Jason and Cassidy for an online "Shrek the Third" Q&A. Jas connected his tablet to his TV for the ultimate experience, and the three of us sat at his table and looked like news anchors. I have to say, AM seems pretty amazing. The technology is most accessible; that encourages collaberation between the students, and there were lots of students already online and waiting with cool questions when we logged in.

I was a bit nervous about doing it, (not being a global animation statesman like my worthy co-speakers), but hopefully that didn't come across too much in how I answered people's questions. I tried to sound like I knew what I was talking about anyway, until Milo the dog unexpectedly licked my hand and made me jump, quickly destroying my illusion of composure. Heh.

I would have liked more time to devote to the talk, but the time passed very quickly and we didn't get a chance to answer all of the questions. Maybe they'll have me back at some point...

Thanks AM peeps for the warm welcome!