Thursday, September 06, 2007

Low Tech. High Tech

This happened a couple of weeks ago and I've been meaning to share it but haven't had a chance until now...

I received a couple of shots with a character doing some physical cartoony stuff - jumping around and the like. I got my broad actions blocked in and approved and so all was good, direction-wise. Trouble was, the character was really small in frame so it was hard to make out without zooming in, even on my computer display. I always have a hard time in these situations since I never know how much detail to put in when things are tiny. I mentioned this to Rex, my HoCA on Madagascar 2. After giving me a secretive look he said, "Come with me", and I followed him to his office where he handed me a piece of black card. I laughed aloud, for it was a coutout portable audience! Into the card was chopped silhouettes of people, and had sticky tape with which to attach it to surfaces, namely, work monitors!

I took this wonderful device back to my desk and sure enough, it was nothing like being in the cinema. Heh. What it did do however was give me a great idea of how large the little jumping fellas would be when projected. I could then see how much more work I had to put in to the detailing, (ie. not much!).

Please see mouse-drawn diagram for further illumination:

Portable Audience

Good times!


Alex Fleisig said...

ha ha
that's great
very clever

Iestyn said...

Ha ha! What an awesome idea!

McGovernment said...

Correction, you followed Rex to MY DESK where u took it from me...Do I have to steal it away again?


(had to do it myself didnt I, couldnt get a 'friend' to mention his buddy's blog. thanks redvan!)